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My name is Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.
I was born in Chicago, IL. I am married to Mrs. Allene Perdue, who is a beautiful, spiritual, and intelligent young lady. We have an energetic cohesive relationship which makes Mrs. Perdue my Prayer Partner, Soul Mate, and Best Friend.

We are Christian born again believers and daily make application of God’s Word, generating scriptural principles consistently in our lives.

To give you some background on myself, I have a love for the study and daily application of God’s Word. What is amazing, is before having this great love of study of the Bible, I had no interest in learning anything about God’s Word, even as a Christian. As a matter of fact, I thought that since I watched so called "biblical" movies, that was all I needed to know. How wrong I was! I remember how uninvolved I used to be in Bible Class. It seemed uninspiring. I had no interest in learning anything about the Bible. I did not see the point or reason to have scriptural understanding. I did not equate the application of scriptural principles with daily living. All of this was going to change. I became galvanized and aware of the reality of the importance of knowing God’s Word, and when applied, how it can change your life in a total positive manner.

The person who inspired me to take a strong interest in Bible study was my former pastor, Bishop C.H. Taliefero. Not only was he one of the greatest Bible scholars of his time, he was also my mentor and teacher. One day the Bishop was teaching Bible Class and I just had an urge to want to learn about God’s Word. Bishop Taliefero was teaching on the importance of learning God’s Word. He was teaching on Bible history, ecclesiastical terminology, comparative religion, human behavior, and different principles and methods of Bible study. I realized what a treasure of knowledge Bishop Taliefero had and was presenting to the Body Of Christ.

In the years I studied under Bishop Taliefero, I accumulated over 600 pages of what I call "Taliefero’s Bible Class Notes." During that time there were no lap tops, so I wrote all the notes by hand.

Since I am being transparent about this, here is what is amazing: I made such a tremendous change from showing no interest and not paying attention most of the time for the first 4 years in Bible Class to writing over 600 pages of Bible Class Notes in the next 7 years. It was not because I did not have the ability to learn, I was just not interested in the Bible. I want this testimony to inspire people who think Bible Class is boring and unimportant. Bible Class taught by good teachers will be an immense blessing to everyone that takes part in learning and applying God's Word in their lives.
Many times we have gifts, talents and abilities that need to be cultivated. Take myself for example. I always had an excellent memory growing up. I just was lackadaisical at times, and did not want to apply my talents to certain things. Whenever I applied my talents and abilities to things I was interested in, I always excelled in those areas. I could read books, watch something, learn a new job, do research, study statistics, and remember everything I learned. This is if I was interested. If I was not interested, I did not apply my abilities. I learned, if none of our abilities are being used, it will not help us.
I had a connection with my Pastor because he was a very interesting and inspiring teacher. Listening to my Pastor and making application of what I was learning from him, brought out the gifts and talents God had already given to me.
Due to the years of teaching I received from Bishop Taliefero, this helped me in other disciplines of learning. For example, when I first went to college, I was an average student because I did not apply myself. I had the ability, but was disinterested.

When I started applying the principles of Bible study and transferred those same principles to school, I went back to college and was on the high honors Dean’s List. I was motivated to use the internal capabilities already in me.

Another example is when I worked for a major Fortune 10 Blue Chip corporation. My position consisted of having a strong aptitude and analysis. Using the same methods of Bible study, I understood and created algorithms, algebraic equations, processed price schedule reciprocal multipliers and discounts, and translated product codes. I made application of my abilities.
We all have different talents, abilities and natural gifts in us. We have to actuate them to be manifested in our daily living.
I understood through practical application to take those potentials I was endowed with and use the same principles and methods used in learning the Word Of God to any area and become prolific in any branch of learning. This is something all of us can have the motivation to do. It is a scriptural principle in 1 Timothy 4:14 "Neglect not the gift that is in thee....." Neglect from the Greek ameleo (a-me-le-o) meaning do not make light of, disregard, and be negligent. The other scriptural principle is 2 Timothy 1:6 ".......That thou stir up the gift which is in thee........" Stir Up meaning to inflame one's mind, give strength and zeal.

I have dedicated a complete section to Bishop Talifero. It is under the Link, "Bishop Taliefero Classic Bible Teachings." I have posted some of the great Bible Classes he taught. Here is the link:

My wife and I through prayer and faith have created our main BLOG/Website entitled "PERDUE’S POSITIVE EMPOWERMENT", to reach and encourage people through God’s Divine Word. Here is the link:
Under that main link are links on many Empowerment Subject Matters. We also have our online ministry entitled "CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CENTER (C.E.C.) ONLINE", where commentaries and expositions are given concerning making application of Biblical Principles for daily living. Here is the link:
Empowerment may be applied in reaching others through public speaking and writing.

As an empowerment presenter, my objective is to have the listening audience take the communication they receive and then make application of the information in their daily lives. I consistently work to give coherent empowerment messages to increase the strength of individuals, so anyone listening can continue to expand and develop in their own self-assurance and proficiency for daily living.

We have created sections on our website to cover different subject matters. Marriage, health, finances, relationships. 

Let us know what you think and if there is a subject matter that you would be interested in discussing.

We want our website to be a blessing to all of God’s people. 

Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.